In order to fully utilize your transport equipment, it is good to calculate cubic meters. Many carriers and shippers use this tool with the purpose to make their vehicle utilization even more efficient.

In our tool, you can fill in the dimensions in centimeters and we will convert that automatically to meters.

Truck loading capacity: Length 13.6m x Width 2.45m x Height 2.70m = 90m3

20 foot container loading capacity: Length 5.89m x Width 2.35m x Height 2.39m = 33.2m3

40HC container loading capacity: Length 12m x Width 2.35m x Height 2.69m = 76.3m3

Air transportation limits cargo volume by Length 3m x Width 2.4m x Height 1.6m but depending on aircraft type limitation can be 0.8m x 0.8m x 0.8m / 45kg each.

Air tariff will be charged per chargeable weight

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