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  China VAT Refund Service

In order to support our clients’ business operations, who make purchases from China, we provide a China Tax (VAT-Value Added Tax) Refund Service, whereby a certain percentage of the purchase is refunded following the related legalities of the P.R. of China for export rebates.

The extent of the refund varies widely across commodities from zero to the full refund of the 17% the typical VAT rate. Over the last decade, the export VAT rebate rates have been frequently adjusted, upwards and downwards, depending on the Chinese government policy at the time.

The general list of commodity information for China tax rebates
IT products Computers, notebooks, processors, keyboards, mouse, printers, copy or scanning machines, electric generators, batteries, UPS, suppressors, etc
Construction materials Mobile constructions, non-ferrous steel boards, steel constructions, aluminum boards, aluminum materials, stone materials, blocks, floor materials, sanitary products, different plates, construction related equipment, etc
Machineries and equipment Different type of trucks, trailers, graders, mining equipment, tractors, cranes, drilling machines, road construction or cleaning machineries, different purpose cars, etc
Energy and electrical equipment Generators, transformers, electric cables, electric welding equipment, energy industry related equipment, etc
Other Household goods, clothes or textiles, paper products, chemical industry equipment, other different type of equipment, etc

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need the China tax refund service!