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  Luggage train service

Our team has vast experience of International Luggage Train Shipment logistics solutions for export, import and transit cargoes and in strict compliance with the Agreement on International Goods Transport by Rail (SMGS) and the Agreement on International Passenger Transport by Rail (SMPS), respectively.

We offer a highly competitive transport logistics services, depending on the shipment specifications and customers’ requirements and following the schedule of international trains to/from Moscow, Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude, Beijing, Huhhot and Erlian. Furthermore in co-operation with our Russian partners, we can arrange shipments according to the following, dedicated luggage and train services.

1. Moscow-Ulaanbaatar, import/export shipment consolidation services

Ulaanbaatar – Moscow, Moscow – Ulaanbaatar
Stop Railway Stations Distance /КМ/
Ulaanbaatar 0
Naushki 402
Ulan-Ude 657
Irkutsk 1114
Krasnoyarsk 2200
Achinsk 2384
Taiga 2733
Novosibirsk 2962
Omsk 3589
Tumen 4161
Ekaterinburg 4487
Perm 4868
Kirov 5348
Gorkyi 5804
Vladimir 6055
Moscow 6265

2. Erlian/Zamyn Uud – Moscow, specialized luggage train shipment complex logistics for China origin, transiting across Mongolia to Russia

3. International Postal (Parcel or Courier) Service by dedicated luggage train shipment