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  Postal service

Our Special License for International Courier Service operations enables us to operate a regular courier shipment operation between Korea and Mongolia by air and multimodal way.

Air Freight Containerized shipment
Express LCL Service Regular LCL Service
Departure date from Korea to Ulaanbaatar Twice per week (Every Tuesday and Friday,) Once or twice per week (Every Monday & Friday) Once or twice per week (Every Monday & Friday)
Transit time 1 day 6-7 days 12-14 days

Restricted/Prohibited Items by International Courier Shipment

Num Category Restriction
1 Negotiable Currency USD Dollar, EURO, etc
2 Credit cards VISA, Mastercard, Travel cheque
3 Gold, silver & jewellery Items made from gold & silver, such as rings, earrings, bracelets, cups and other items of jewellery
4 Valuable metals (precious metals) Gold, silver, platinum, etc.
5 Gemstones Diamonds, boule, turquoise, azure stone, pearl, etc
6 Antiques Old and valuable collectible items
7 Animals Dogs, Cats, birds, etc
8 Plants Plants and plant materials, including seeds and cut flowers, etc
9 Insects and worms Any kind of live or dried worms and insects
10 Biological samples or assays Blood samples, vaccines, tissues, serum, excrements, etc
11 Animal materials Skin, fiber, horn, bones, etc
12 Perishables Foodstuffs & perishable food articles, fruits, flowers, fish articles, etc
13 Alcoholic beverages Beer, wine, vodka, whisky, etc
14 Perfume, Beauty products Lipstick, perfumes, packed beauty items, etc
15 Dangerous goods Fuel products, oil items, acids, gases, etc
16 Weapons and arms Pistols, guns, knives, bullets, etc
17 Tobacco All kind of tobacco items
18 Strategical purpose electronics Computer hard disk, electronic appliances and devices, etc
19 Drugs and pharmaceutical items Tablets, pharmaceutical items, other herb origin medications, etc
20 Films, photographic paper Non X-Ray identifiable films, photographic papers, etc